Hello World

I have been avoiding getting my own website for quite some time. Mainly because I did not want to spend the money on a domain and have no use for it.

Well now I am taking things a bit more seriously and stepping up my game with a better internet presence. That's right world, now you have to deal with me on a whole new level!


I will be trying to write a little something each week going over my newest obsession or most exciting discovery. You can bet your sweet bippy that it will have something to do with technology or some type of manufacturing process. Super vague right? That's the idea. I don't just focus on 3D Printing, but take you on a magical journey through the incredibly scattered brain of mine to a place where learning is exciting because it enables you to make dreams come true.

Meeting me in person you will quickly see that I am very much not focused on one thing. I have a passion to learn and am constantly absorbing new experiences and information. Having a new understanding of something compels me to begin exploiting this new skill and learning the boundaries of what I can do.

You have heard the old adage "Jack of all trades master of none" I like to modify it for how I strive to be. Jack of most trades and master of some



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