NeatherBot was created in 2014 as a way for me to contribute to the 3D Printing community in a way that I learn best, through video. On my own quest to learn how to navigate the perils of 3D printing I comb the internet for insightful advice and tips. A few YouTube personalities opened my eyes to just how helpful a well-crafted video can be when teaching complex processes and I began documenting my own issues and resolutions in a way that I hoped would help my PRINTr peoples!

When I made my first videos I was living in a small apartment and did all my recording with an iPhone 5 and edited the video on the mobile iMovie app. Every video I made took ridiculous amounts of time as I had to brute force my way through video production basics. I went to LeTourneau University which did a great job preparing me for my career as a Mechanical Engineer, but I graduated knowing nothing about how to make videos.

I have moved away from that tiny apartment into a spacious house with my beautiful wife and converted one of the bedrooms into what I call my Tool Room which pays homage to the machine tool lab at LeTourneau university. It is my happy place where I pull dreams into reality.

 As you watch my videos you will notice a drastic change in production quality with every new video I post. I try and learn new things every video and make each one better than the last. If you have any advice please shoot me a message or an email, I love hearing what I can do better. The more advice and help I get the better I can help the community. I'm all about learning and sharing.

I hope that you have found at least one of my videos helpful and enjoy learning along with me as I continually break, fix, and create new and exciting things!


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