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Mighty Whoop

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The Mighty Whoop started out as an 8.5x20 brushed Whoop style skeleton frame, and has evolved with the FPV hobby into a brushless king! At 73.5mm motor to motor, this frame is slightly larger than the classic flavor of whoop but the status quo is changing and people want more speed and more power! With the Mighty Whoop, you get an extremely durable frame that is 3D printed with a special PLA alloy that has the durability of ABS with the stiffness of PLA. I have extensively tested the failure modes of this frame and found the balance of light weight and durability. This frame weighs just at 9 grams and is built around the 16x16 mounting holes for 4 in 1 ESCs and Flight controllers. You can build the Mighty Whoop to nom on either 1s or 2s lipos depending on your selection of electronics. As with all of my designs the Solderless Frame Swap (SFS) has been implemented so that if someone bigfoots your quad and breaks the frame you can swap all the electronics to a new frame in less than 10 minutes. Have a few frames on hand so if you break something you can rebuild in the field and not have to go home and fire up the soldering iron. I also did my best to preserve access to the FC USB and cut windows on the interior of the shrouds, you still have to remove one motor to plug in but that is better than pulling the whole stack out. I promise the Mighty Whoop will stand up to anything you would expect a quality frame to survive.

Mighty Whoop Orbit

 To download the .STL of an earlier version of my brushless Mighty Whoop click here


  • Dimensions: True X with motor to motor being 73.5mm and outer dimensions shroud to shroud it is 96mm
  • Weight (FRAME ONLY): Roughly 9.0 grams, it is 3D printed so don't call me crying if it is 0.5 grams heavy. 
  • Supported Motors: 07XX motors have a happy nesting place securely in the Mighty Whoop.
  • Electronics: Mounting holes are spaced for 16x16 electronics.
  • The Mighty Whoop I fly has an All Up Weight (AUW) of 45.5 grams with a 1s 450mah battery. Of course, depending on how you build yours the weight will vary, but I did want to give an example of potential AUW.

 3D printed Mighty Whoop


Lessons Learned:

  • Do not forget to edit your FC orientation in Beta flight
  • Using an XT30 connector makes a significant performance increase. With the XT30 connector, I measured 13.5 amps being pulled on my 1s 15000kv build. YOU NEED AN XT30! These little brushless motors are thirsty and you will starve them with a JST or smaller connector. 
  • 1s 720 mah lipo with XT30
  • The motor wires are durable but easily break when bent back and forth at the solder joint. Solder them to the ESC in a way they are not being doubled back over.
  • Center of Gravity (CG) is crucial in a build this small. If you have the battery off center it will feel like you have a flat tire and pull to one side.


WHAT YOU GET: (weights include total qty)

Mighty Whoop Frame KitMighty Whoop Frame Components Assembled



1 X Mighty Whoop frame ~ 9.0 g

Mighty Whoop Frame Weight

1 X FPV Camera Mount ~ 0.4 g

FPV Camera Mount

2 X UV Resistant Super Deluxe Rubber Bands ~ 1.0 g

Rubber Bands

3 X M2x12 Mounting Hardware ~ 1.0 g

M2x12 Hex cap mounting hardware

3 X Rubber dampeners to soften all those negative vibrations ~ 0.8 g

 Vibration Dampeners

All assembled the Mighty Whoop frame weighs ~ 12 g

Mighty Whoop frame weight

Mighty Whoop FPV camera mountMounting HardwareVibration DampenersUV Rubber BandsMighty Whoop Frame Chassis


WHAT ELSE YOU NEED: (Image is Amazon & other link is Banggood)

1 X 16x16 Flight Controller (Teeny 1s F4 with OSD)

 OR http://bit.ly/2hONgLp


1 X 16x16 4 in 1 ESC (6a 4in1 DShot 300)

 OR http://bit.ly/2zhGLrX


4 X 07xx Brushless Motors (0703 15,000kv)

OR http://bit.ly/2zyDmWH


4 X 40mm Tri-Blade Propellers (Wind makers)

 OR http://bit.ly/2ywwr1s


1 X RX of your personal flavor, make it small! (0.5g FRSky RX)

 OR http://bit.ly/2ywpJqK


1 X FPV AIO Cam (Camera for OSD)

 OR http://bit.ly/2xNN854


Batteries (Cheapest option is to buy these and then put XT30 connectors on them)

 OR  http://bit.ly/2ik5aK3


XT30 Connectors (100% necessary to get the best performance)

 OR  http://bit.ly/2yxW7Lw



1s FC to a 6a 4in1 ESC powering 0703 15000kv Motors that spin 40mm tri props.

Built out Mighty Whoop 1s BrushlessBuilt out Mighty Whoop 1s Brushless (Bottom)Built out Mighty Whoop 1s Brushless (Side)Built out Mighty Whoop 1s Brushless (Side USB)Built out Mighty Whoop 1s Brushless (Back)Built out Mighty Whoop 1s Brushless (Iso Side)Built out Mighty Whoop 1s Brushless (Top)


Mighty Whoop
Mighty Whoop
Mighty Whoop
Mighty Whoop
Mighty Whoop
Mighty Whoop