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NB98 Trio

The final form of my micro brushed frame is here and I call it the NB98. I made 15 significant design overhauls with this micro frame and have finally created a feature-packed frame for all your brushed shenanigans. This frame checks all the boxes I had for a brushed quad of this size and hopefully, you agree! This frame will help you build some of the most fun you have ever flown!

  • Extra stiff frame design helps keep quad stable.
  • Next level wire management hides all the wires internally.
  • Camera crash tab prevents front impacts from being expensive. Protects your FPV camera and helps it live a long healthy life.
  • Aerodynamic arms and frame allow maximum amount of thrust from each prop.
  • FPV camera mount designed to perfectly hold camera in place.
  • Internal passage for Rx antenna to keep it safely out of harms way.
  • Solderless Frame Swap (SFS) is a feature set that I have implemented with this frame that allows you take all the electronics out of one frame and install them into a new frame without having to touch a soldering iron. This is probably the best feature this frame has to offer. You can take one NB98 frame with electronics along with 2 or 3 empty frames out to fly and if you crash and break an arm its no problem, about 5 minutes is all it takes to swap the electronics into a new frame and your back in the air. 


1X NB98 frame printed out of PLA/PHA

NB98 printed with Colorfabb pla/pha in fluorescent green


5X Motor mounts printed out of Ninjaflex (1 extra)

Motor Mounts in Ninjaflex Lava


2X UV resistant rubber bands to hold the electronics and battery securely in place 

UV Resistant Rubber Bands


4X JST Female Motor Plugs 

JST Motor Plugs


Everything Included 

If you have not read through this micro quads page go ahead and make sure you understand what you are getting into!

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BETAFLIGHT Configuration:

Betaflight config 1Betaflight config 2